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About the Game

Deluded Mind

Release Date: 01. June 2018

Developer    :   Pyxton Studios UG (limited liability)
Publisher    :   Pyxton Studios UG (limited liability)
Genres    :   Horror, Adventure, Action
Engine    :   Unreal Engine 4 (UE4)
Platforms    :   Microsoft Windows, (Mac), (Linux), (PlayStation 4)
Age Restriction    :   TBD

Deluded Mind™ is a plot-based horror game, played from the first-person perspective. It is being developed by Pyxton Studios UG (limited liability) and will be published in 2018 for Windows operating system.

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    In Deluded Mind™, you slip into the role of Dean Catrall, an FBI agent, whose daughter was murdered in a revenge killing by a criminal organization. Despite this personal tragedy, you continue your work as an FBI agent, hunting for a wanted drug dealer. Accompanying you on your mission is a trusted friend and partner Robert Page. While at the drug dealer’s apartment, you and your partner make a terrible discovery: a young woman is found dead in the apartment. What you don’t know, yet, is that the drug dealer was tipped off, knew about the arrest warrant, and has planned an ambush.

    You have been immobilized by the drug dealer. You wake up in the abandoned mental institution, Hillstone Asylum. A note left in your cell by the drug dealer reveals where your partner Robert Page is. You also realize you’ve been given a hallucinogen, which has literally turned everything into hell on earth.

    You can’t be sure what is real and what isn’t...


    • Extreme horror: The hallucinogen has turned everything into hell on earth. You feel your past gradually catching up with you.
    • Stunning graphics: Graphics of the highest quality and resolution offer the player unbelievably detailed and, at the same time, terrifying surroundings.
    • Breath-taking plot: Discover your past and confront things beyond your wildest imaginings. Experience the connection between life and death.
    • Top-notch sound effects: Every note will make your blood run cold.


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    Press Kit

    With the click of the ‘download’ button, you can download our press kit as a ZIP file. The kit contains screenshots, videos, and graphics on Deluded Mind™ and about Pyxton Studios UG (limited liability).


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